CX Innovative Industrial Trading Co., Ltd. & Sun Genius 3D Studio
CX Innovative Industrial Trading Co., Ltd. & Sun Genius 3D Studio
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About us

The Natural Village Workshop

  • A project to improve the living standards of poor mountain villagers in China,Made by those villager with love and responsibility, products: Bread Banneton Proofing Basket & Bungee Dock Line.

  • Also I have another 3d rendering studio: Sun Genius 3d Studio:

  • Our workshops is located in JF Town,  Sichuan Province, China. This is a typical mountain terrain. There are a lot of beautiful peony flowers planted in the mountains. This is my hometown. There is a group of kind, beautiful and industrious villagers who work hard on the land in exchange for a meagre income of only $2 per person per day. They have no insurance. The vast majority of them do not leave the mountains ten times in their lives.

    • Now they have a chance, we will provide them with a job at home or near home, We built workshops near their home, provide the necessary equipment and raw materials, and do our best to monitor the quality of products, attract nearby villagers to work here, from $2 to $10 per person per day, husbands can do baskets, wives can do linings and bungee dock lines, Such a couple can earn $20 a day, which means a lot to them: better health care and the education of their children. Every time I go there, I see a smile on their faces-that’s why we do it.


      • Every basket/rope is checked by our own eyes and hands to ensure that there are no quality problems before they are sent to customers. In terms of product quality, we do not compromise.
      •     Our office address is: #218 Tianfu third Street, Chengdu, China. Please call +8613980054892 before visiting.